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Learn languages to apprehend the world

Courses of English, French, Spanish, Italian with expert teachers in possession of a long experience of work and life abroad.

Study a language, set out for a journey

There are no shortcuts to learn a foreign language; it takes loads of passion, time and guidance. We can pass on to you the cultural and linguistic experience gained after years of settling down in other countries for work and study.
If you are a student and need to pass an exam, we offer you our ear and time as teachers and examiners of the language levels of the ‘European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages’.
Our courses are aimed at those who want to learn a language from scratch and those who just want to improve or pass an exam.
In addition, we offer language courses for companies, translations of documents in various language combinations and liaison interpreting.

"Study languages, open a door to the world"

Speak another language, change your view of the world

For individuals:


  • Lessons via Skype, Facetime, Google Meet or Zoom
  • Lessons in your home
  • Lessons in our home
  • Preparation of study trips abroad (language, documents, advice, etc.)
  • Translation of CVs, documents, web contents, contracts, in the following language combinations: Spanish-English-Spanish; English Italian; Italian-Spanish-Italian; French-Italian-French.

For companies:


  • English, French, Spanish courses designed for companies and the needs of employees and managers.
  • Translation of documents in various language combinations
  • Liaison interpreting at trade fairs, meetings, guided tours, presentations.

For schools:


Our private lessons are aimed at middle and high school students to help them pass first or second language exams and university students who wish to reinforce and acquire vocabulary, pronunciation, understanding and fluency before participating in the Erasmus project at a foreign university.

  • Year or course repetitions at school or high school
  • Preparation for university language exams
  • Linguistic training for Erasmus students
  • Specific training for the Cambridge English exams and CISL Siena (Italian for foreigners)

Our theory, our recipe

After years of studying and working abroad, we can assure you that going into the study of a foreign language is a slow, never easy journey. A process in which passion, curiosity and perseverance play a fundamental role.
Studying a language must, above all, be a pleasure. It should compel us to discover new cultures, new horizons. On this road, you won’t be alone but supported by your teacher.
Our approach to the study of a foreign language is a communicative one. We believe that the cognitive acquisition of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and spelling should not be opposed to the knowing-how-to-do (reading, listening, writing, speaking, translating); thus gaining fluency and mastering the grammar are two skills very much in connection.

"Study languages, open a door to the world"

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